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Artist with a colorful sense of humor.

Beverly Finger was born and raised in the rural ranch country of western South Dakota.  This rural area, was Bev’s playground and inspiration for the future.  She developed a love of the wide-open spaces, the prairie, hills, trees, the creeks and rivers. Throughout her life she has continuously observed Mother Nature’s many moods and atmospheric changes - the elements that have become instrumental in the composition of her works of art.


Primarily a western landscape artist, Bev’s subject matter includes rural nostalgia and wildlife. Extensive travels throughout the US provides a wealth of opportunities to observe nature directly.  


 Bev attempts to convey her emotional attachment of the image to the viewer through refinement of composition, nature’s glorious lighting, and dramatic expression of mood and atmosphere. Her representational artwork is a blend of impressionism and realism. Intuition and imagination become her artistic tools as she lives 'her passion' for painting using Acrylics as her medium.


A Colorado resident for many years, Bev now resides near Fort Collins.

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