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“Her artwork captures the magic of the Sonoran Desert. The colors draw you in and you feel the life of the scene.” 

Debbie B. – Arizona


“Having lived near Red Feather Lakes (CO), this painting stirs feelings of nostalgia for times gone by.”                            Randy B. – Arizona

"Until I saw Bev’s gorgeous paintings, I never had an interest in collecting art.  I am very, very impressed with her talent!  Thus far, I have purchased eight of her original works of art.  I always receive many compliments on Bev’s realistic nature and animal paintings.  I look forward to continuing to grow my Bev Finger art collection!"   Doris L. - Utah


“After going through a bad marriage I found myself in a very dark place.  God showed me I was in a forest; there was no light from the sun. HE showed me you must begin cutting away the trees and bushes so the light can shine in.  Then things will grow (my life).  When I saw this painting, it brought out emotions that were overwhelming, and writing this even now, brings tears to my eyes of what God has done for me. HE (God) is the “Light in the Forest.”  I have never had a painting touch me this way.  It is priceless to me!  Thank you, Bev!  I love all my paintings, but “Light in the Forest” will always be my favorite. It spoke directly to my heart in a most powerful way.”

LouAnna A. - Oklahoma

Bring Her Home.jpg

"After 24 years in Colorado, my husband and I wondered aloud one day why we had never attended Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming.  A few internet searches later, and I was “down the rabbit hole” (as I like to say and Bev likes to laugh about), viewing Bev’s art online and completely immersed in it.  Some guiding force eventually led me from a Frontier Days search to the Cheyenne Artist’s Guild, where I first discovered Bev’s amazing paintings.  I was immediately drawn to her serene landscapes, her beautiful wildlife portraits, and her lovely portrayals of everyday rural and ranch life…an old barn, a wagon wheel, an old gas station, working cowboys.  For me, each of her paintings, even the action pieces, just has a quiet grace, a peacefulness, a kind of soothing balm for the soul.  Perhaps they just speak to the desire that we can sometimes have for a simpler life or a greater closeness to nature, especially when our lives are feeling hectic.  As I told her, I look at her paintings and I feel calm and happy…so happy that I bought three of them, and the choice was not easy! “Bring Her Home” in particular is a very special painting of a barrel racing cowgirl and her horse, working as one, totally focused, captured in a moment of intense movement and action, and yet looking completely serene and at ease, the way most elite athletes can make their sport look easy.  Bev has captured that moment to perfection, and it is my husband’s personal favorite of all of our paintings.  Bev has been a delight to work with, to converse with, to get to know, and now to call a new friend as well. Thank you Bev, I look forward to discovering your newest inspirations."

                                         Lynn Z. - Colorado

Waiting for the Wind  SOLD.jpg

A painting should stir an emotion; as does this painting, “Waiting On The Wind.” It brings sweet memories of my childhood on an OKlahoma farm and ranch, where my life begins. The lingering song of the windmill, created by the blades dancing along with the wind, became a song soft and long. Erie as this song might be for some, it was a peaceful melody for me all the day long.  Treasured memories, this painting does hold for one who misses the days of old.

       Mary M. – Colorado

Grand Tetons

 I recently became a "collector" of Bev’s Art. I had been wanting one of her pieces for years! But couldn't narrow it down to one! Then it dawned on me; YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY JUST ONE !!  So I recently purchased three!! THIS IS ART!! Every stroke painted with intense deep feelings , memories & passion.
Heirlooms for our next generation without a doubt !!!!!!

             Cheryl B. - South Dakota

“Bev is extremely talented. She has a way of capturing nature that makes you feel like you are there. Her work is magical and speaks to the soul.”

            Sara B. – Iowa

River Fog - 16x20w.jpg
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